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Budding Resilience Therapies provides outreach support for children, young people, and adults struggling with stress, trauma or mental health. We offer services using strengths-based methods to assist clients of all abilities. Our support can be offered to those living with a disability or significantly impacted by their mental health.

We aim to provide support in an empowering, way and seek to preserve the emotional safety, dignity, and privacy of those engaged in our service. 

Budding Resilience Therapies values diversity and employs staff members who are neurodivergent, LGBTQI, and culturally diverse.  

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Safety, Trust, Choice, Collaboration, Empowerment & Respect

At Budding Resilience Therapies, we are guided by the six-core trauma informed principles detailed by NSW Health:
Link: What is trauma-informed care? - Principles for effective support (
Safety: We endeavour to create a sense of safety through our environments, interactions and assisting clients to keep themselves safe. We also like to hear from you about what makes you feel safer, including the choice of who you work with.
Trust: We believe in being transparent about our role, reporting requirements and whether we feel we are the most appropriate service for you. Did you know your relationship with your counsellor is the most important determinant for success? Trust is at the core of any healthy relationship, and we value it at Budding Resilience Therapies.   

Choice: You are the own expert on your mental health, and as such we seek your views and promote your choices.
Collaboration: We view our role as working with you to make a plan which suits your individual needs.
Empowerment: Rather than talking for you, we support you to speak up and advocate for yourself whenever you can.
Respect for diversity: We respect diversity by consulting with you to learnt about your experience of your culture, religion or how you identify. We are open to suggestions and discussions about how we can make our service more accessible to you.

Budding Resilience Therapies is proud to be partnered with the following organisations.

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