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Budding Resilience offers counselling to children, young people, adults, and practitioners. This includes short or long-term support. Counselling can be in person, online or by phone. We use a pluralistic approach; meaning we use a number of Focused Psychological Strategies based on client need and preference. To see what Focused Psychological Strategies each therapist uses most commonly, click the button below:

Staff at Budding Resilience are guided by the three phased approach. Please note this approach is nonlinear, meaning if things come up in a clients life we can always return to phase one:


Focus on building trust and connection.

Identifying tools which assist clients to self soothe and regulate themself. 

Creating a sense of safety and autonomy in sessions.

Supporting the client to remain safe emotionally and physically.

Exploring current relationships, triggers, and other impacts on the client’s life.

Supporting clients to learn emotional regulation skills using mindfulness, grounding, and other self-care strategies.

Psychoeducation with clients using visual tools relating to safe relationships, the impacts of stress and how to support wellbeing.



This step can only occur with the client’s consent, and with several sessions left to support them.

This step allows for the processing of grief and allows for understanding the impacts of past events.

This process can occur using artistic methods, storytelling, symbolism, or any other form of sharing which does not overload clients and cause them to become distressed. 

Processing is listening, offering support, and allowing the client to share their narrative of events and the impacts they have had.

The counsellor’s role is to hear the story and assist the client to regulate their emotions, drawing upon strategies and social stories used previously in stage one.

The counsellor uses grounding strategies to ensure the client is aware the events have occurred in the past and are not current.



This step can only occur with the client’s consent, and with several sessions left to support them.

Integration is a step which uses focused psychological strategies to challenge beliefs impacting the client’s quality of life.

Using assistance of visuals or other communicative tools when required to support this.

Integration is accepting the past events and considering how beliefs and behaviours resulting from this event may be having a negative impact now.

Use of focused psychological strategies include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, narrative approaches, strengths based counselling, and person-centred counselling.

Private counselling: $120/hour ​within Local Government Area.

Counselling (including regular correspondence) for Agencies: $150/hour ​within Local Government Area.


For travel outside counsellors Local Government Area you can request a quote. ​

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